Necessary Evil and the Greater Good

For best friends Mestoph and Leviticus the end of the world can’t come fast enough. Mestoph is a demon and troublemaker for Hell Industries, while Leviticus is an angel and cubicle jockey for Heaven, Inc. They might be unlikely friends, but they have something in common – they both hate their jobs. Unfortunately for them The End is nowhere in sight. The two take matters into their own hands when they come up with a scheme to get themselves kicked out of the Afterlife without spending an eternity in Purgatory. Their misadventure will take them from the tiny town of Truth or Consequences, NM to the highlands of Iceland as they cross paths and pantheons with Neo-Vikings, Greek and Norse Gods, and a Scottish terrier named Sir Reginald Pollywog Newcastle III. Buy it now!

Sons of Light and Darkness

sold-books-thumbWhen the demon, Mestoph, stumbles upon a cult of forgotten angels and demons called the Sons of Light and Darkness he takes it upon himself to uncover the secret of these long-lost outcasts. What he discovers was much more than he was looking for:  not just the origin of the war between Heaven and Hell, but the Sons’ plan to raise a god of their own design in revenge against God and Satan. Sensing an opportunity to use the Sons to his advantage, Mestoph convinces his angelic best friend Leviticus — a cubical-dweller at God’s Heaven Inc. — to join him in his latest ill-conceived scheme to profit at the expense of their masters.  Mestoph and Leviticus simply want an all expenses paid permanent vacation, but will their plans allow the Sons to succeed and bring about the fall of God Himself?  With the aide of New Orleans Voodoo, South American shapeshifters, African gods, old friends, and new enemies, will the unholy duo finally escape the drudgery of an eternity in the service of others, or will failure finally crush their simplistic dreams as the skies burn and gods fall? Buy it now!

Of Popes and Pentagrams – A Mini Fiasco

of-popes-and-pentagramsMestoph and Leviticus are the oddest pair of friends in the Afterlife. One is a Demon, the other is an Angel, and wherever they go chaos isn’t far behind. Follow the duo as they become embroiled in a conspiracy to kill the Pope in 13th century Italy at the behest of the enigmatic Hermes Trismegistus and his influential cult. Live or die, history won’t be the same. Get it free!