Self Publishing


So I’ve been quiet over the last year, but I haven’t been idle. Not necessarily successful, but not idle. On the other hand I finally decided to forgo the traditional publishing route and self publish my novel. I’ve gotten over the initial feeling that having to go that route is a failure and have gotten pretty excited about it.

A few months ago I hired an editor to go through my book and clean it up. The editor also helped streamline everything and trim the fat. A couple weeks ago I hired an artist to create the artwork for my cover. The last few days I’ve been converting to e-formats (which is a little more involved than I thought), and hope to have the book on the major sites in the next few days. I’m also testing out Amazon’s CreateSpace for a physical book option.

It’s nice to feel excited about my book again, but it’s also nice to think that I will finally be putting it to bed and can get to work in earnest on the sequel and any other projects I get the urge to. Keep an eye here for any news regarding the book.

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